New Yoga Studio

Coorparoo Junction, Brisbane

Important Dates

Sunday 3 November – OPEN DAY – All Welcome!

Monday 4 November – Classes Commence

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our amazing team of teachers will make you feel welcome

Yoga Teacher

Jill Shaw-Feather has been sharing her love of Yoga for over 15 years here in Brisbane and internationally. She is known for her Compassionate teaching style and calming presence.

Her unique blend of Mindful Movement and the focus on Breath & Intention for practice keep her Classes a safe space to develop and deepen at your own pace. Heart-led Asana • Deep focus on the Breath • Surrendering into the Healing state of Yoga Nidra. All in one class ♥

Jill’s classes are Open to ALL students. Offering different levels of challenge, as she gently guides students to move deeper into this Ancient and incredibly Healing practice..

She is deeply Thankful for and to her Teachers whom she continues to Study with…

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

    Yoga Teacher

    Life has been gifted Claudia the experience of many cultures, countries and professions. Underlying her journey has been a seeking for the deeper truths of life and Yoga has been her portal into that dimension.

    Claudia teaches embodiment. Claudia’s classes are designed to help people be in their bodies and to develop the awareness and ability to remain present for all of the physical sensations, emotional fluctuations and thought formations that bubble up through the layers of the body-mind during the practice.

    Students are guided to refine their sensitivity and ability to listen to what is happening in their body. To use the breath to clear away the contractions and tightness they feel and the light of their awareness to peel back the layers of conditioning so that they can begin to experience with more clarity who they really are.

    Claudia’s style is fluid, with attention to alignment and energy. The classes are designed to leave you feeling energized, calm and serene.

      Yoga Teacher

      Tracy came to yoga 10 years ago and immediately developed a strong connection with the practice of yoga. Her classes provide a balanced combination of asana and traditional yogic philosophy. Tracy is sincere and light hearted allowing her students plenty of space to develop their practice through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The classes provide a safe and nurturing space to explore a powerful blend of physical strength and flexibility while facilitating a true depth in wellbeing.

      Tracy’s classes are dialogue led - which enables her to guide, support and assist students when required. Her intention is always to deliver classes in a way which enables integration of these teachings into life beyond the studio.

      Tracy is experienced in teaching all levels and all ages from teens to seniors and celebrates her students reaching their fullest potential.

        Yoga Teacher

        Yoga has brought an abundance of connection within Rachel's life, both on and off the mat. She enjoys the physical benefits of strength and flexibility, alongside mental and emotional clarity through meditation practices. Within her teachings, Rachel aims to hold a space where students can safely connect, reflect, play, explore, and simply be with themselves.

        Rachel's favourite classes to teach are Yin Yoga, Slow-Flow Vinyasa and Meditation. She enjoys working closely with beginners, holding a particular focus on foundational alignment cues within classes of flow. Whilst within the stillness of Yin, she loves incorporating meditative practices to deepen the experience.

          Yoga Teacher

          Students coming to Bruna's classes can expect a slow but strong Vinyasa flow practice, focusing on the connection of breath and movement and always inspired by a physical and philosophical theme/intention.

          Bruno engages in ongoing learning with her senior teachers and attends workshops to keep expanding her knowledge. Bruna has recently completed a certificate in Yoga Massage with the intention to deepen her understanding of anatomy, breathwork, energy systems, chakras, meridians and a more metaphysical understanding of the body. She also attended a day-workshop on Pregnancy Yoga in order to be able to more confidently welcome expecting ladies in her classes. Her next goal is to complete the 500HR teacher training.

            Yoga Teacher

            Tanya has a long love affair with movement and has worked in the health and fitness industry since 2002. She came to yoga as a means to balance the faster paced activities.

            She completed her first teacher training in 2007 with Carrie-Anne Fields and has since completed over 1000 hours of training in various styles of yoga. She has also a Diploma of Remedial Massage and is a Reiki Master.

            Inspired by the healing power of yoga and a love of anatomy and physiology, Tanya’s classes emphasise a clarity of alignment and steady connection to breath, often with a thread of mythology woven throughout.

              Yoga Teacher

              Kimbali began practising yoga in 2008 and was introduced to Ashtanga yoga a few years later by her first teacher, Yumi Kaneko.

              Through teaching Kimbali hopes to share her love for a practice that changed her life, and which continues to support her daily on many levels. Working as a Mental Health Social Worker for over 10 years, her yoga practice has been the most important tool in supporting her capacity to continue to carry out therapeutic work – through assisting her to manage the associated pressures and attend to her own self care needs.

              Kimbali’s practice and teaching involves a devotional enquiry into self, arrived at through attention to breath and dristhi while practising asana. Through practising this method, she experienced more space in the body and mind, building steadiness and strength within – and her hope is to share with others’ that the qualities of peace and grounding cultivated through practice can be carried into daily life.


                Junction Yoga offers a variety of class types to suit all levels.

                Junction Yoga Summer Timetable 2019/2020
                Beginners Yoga Course

                If you're new to Yoga or a little rusty :) this course is a wonderful place to begin. Learn (or refresh) the basics of yoga in a welcoming and supportive environment.

                Yoga literally helps everything!
                Not only flexibility & strength, but also improving the whole of your Well-Being! Mind, Body, Soul. You will feel healthier and have more energy. You will feel calmer and enjoy clarity of mind. You will be able to cope with stress and fatigue easily with the tools and techniques you'll receive from this Yoga course!

                The first 4 week Beginners Yoga Course for beginners commences Saturday 9 November at 10am.

                Sign Up

                Vinyasa classes are dynamic, energetic classes with a strong emphasis on following the breath as we flow from one pose to the next. These are dialogue led classes with vitalising and energising standing postures.

                The classes are sequenced to smoothly transition from pose to pose, with the intention of linking breath to movement. Linking physical movement with breath allows us to be really “present” with what is happening on the mat.

                Continued focus for an entire hour reveals a clear and open mind. These classes involve a lot of dynamic movement and the emphasis remains on steadiness. We move from, and return to a place of balance.

                Vinyasa will help you to build your strength, flexibility and balance in your body and mind.

                Yin Yoga

                Yin classes involve passive floor poses that are held for several minutes. Bolsters and blocks can be used to ease into the poses.

                Each Yin posture has a “target area” and support and guidance is offered throughout class on how to best “sit with” and explore the physical sensations. The deep stretches allow the body to release tension and improve flexibility.

                Yin helps to open the body, relieve stress and calm the mind.


                VinYin provides the benefits of Vinyasa and Yin in the one class.

                During a VinYin class, the sun salutations and flowing standing postures of Vinyasa lead into long hold Yin stretches in a very slow moving progressive sequence. Class closes with short guided meditation which facilitate balance and deep rest.

                This is a restorative practice which leaves us with a relaxed and steady sensation in the body and a happy and peaceful disposition.


                Junction Yoga is a small family business with a passion and commitment for doing good in the local area.  Why? It’s in our blood.  We are three siblings of the third generation of the Sullivan Family to put our energy and effort into the Coorparoo Junction via Sullivan’s Building.

                Parents, adventurers, conservationists, business people and budding yogis. We have each been on our own journeys in fitness, yoga and complementary therapies.  We are not your yoga teachers, but we will ensure you get the best teachers possible.  We have come together with a shared desire to create an environment and business that is good for people.  That is the foundation of Junction Yoga.

                A little family history:

                With a vision for the local community, James (J. A.) Sullivan, our grandfather, built the Sullivan’s Building in 1952.  J.A. sought to do good in and for the community and became well respected in this regard.  J.A. had instilled the same values in his children, and our father, John Sullivan, followed closely in his footsteps.

                Dad had an incredible determination and was known for his exacting standards and generosity to the local community.  He was charitable in the support he offered to organisations that did good in the world also to the local businesses at Coorparoo Junction.

                Dad and Mum married in 1959, and then we came along.  James, Katrina and Claire are three of seven siblings.  Growing up in the local area, the Coorparoo Junction and Sullivan’s Building have always been a part of our lives.  While we all have had our own adventures, lived and worked away, family and community has always remained central to our lives.  In 2008 we came together in business and strive to continue the Sullivan family involvement in the local community.

                We are generally all-round good sorts.  Our goal really is to create the best environment and instruction for you to get what you need out of your yoga practice.  Contact us if you have suggestions, feedback or just want to know a little more about what Junction Yoga could offer you.


                James, Katrina and Claire


                Junction Yoga Location

                Get in touch

                Please get in touch if you would like any further information about our new yoga studio located in Coorparoo, Brisbane.

                Address: Level 1, 164 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo, QLD


                Phone:  0498 213 203