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Level 1 / 164 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo, Brisbane

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New students can try the studio with the Intro Pass. Choose the Weekly Membership if you are committed to practice more than once per week. Our 10 Class Pass is the best option if you attend once per week.

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We are grateful for these kind words from our Yoga Community

It's a great studio and all of the teachers are really lovely

— Hayley

The teachers are amazing, caring and every class is different. I would highly recommend Junction Yoga to all.

— Catherine

I've found the Pilates classes have really helped with my cycling. Gina is a great teacher and a nice person.

— Ben

I have been going to Junction Yoga for 12 months and I really love this studio. It's easy to book classes and every teacher is so lovely, competent, kind, considerate, caring and down to earth. My flexibility has improved since I started yoga and it also helps me relax.

— Laura

Yoga Classes

Junction Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes to suit all levels.

Do you want to try yoga?

This 90 minute workshop with Tracy Jemmott will explore the foundations of the yoga practice and explain common postures and terminology. This workshop is designed to allow you to be able to participate in any yoga class with an understanding of the practice.
Register your interest for our next workshop.

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Power Yoga

Power Yoga classes are dynamic, energetic Vinyasa classes with a strong emphasis on following the breath as we flow from one pose to the next. These are dialogue led classes with vitalising and energising standing postures.

The classes are sequenced to smoothly transition from pose to pose, with the intention of linking breath to movement. Linking physical movement with breath allows us to be really “present” with what is happening on the mat.

Continued focus for an entire hour reveals a clear and open mind. These classes involve a lot of dynamic movement and the emphasis remains on steadiness. We move from, and return to a place of balance.

Vinyasa will help you to build your strength, flexibility and balance in both your body and mind.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga classes involve mostly passive floor poses that are held for several minutes. Bolsters and blocks can be used to ease into the poses.

Each Yin posture has a “target area” and support and guidance is offered throughout class on how to best “sit with” and explore the physical sensations. The deep stretches allow the body to release tension and improve flexibility.

Yin Yoga helps to open the body, relieve stress and calm the mind.

Slow Flow

A slow Vinyasa flow increasing flexibility and strength of body/mind.
All levels welcome.

Gentle Yoga

Take a little time to come home to yourself and encourage your energy to flow.
This gentle yoga class will combine exercises in breathing, meditation and loving kindness with gentle movements to mobilise our joints. We will also explore some standing balance challenges, always with options so you can suit yourself. As we move we will practice finding pleasure in moving our bodies, and in being present in the moment.
Let's play together to encourage body-mind-spirit connection, self acceptance, and joy at being alive!


In a mat Pilates class you will hold postures like planks and repeat core exercises to build your muscles and core strength.

Mat Pilates classes will complement your yoga practice by boosting your core strength. You will notice the difference after just a few classes and feel more confident in your yoga postures.


our amazing team of teachers will make you feel welcome

Yoga Teacher

Claudia’s classes are designed to help people be in their bodies and to develop the awareness and ability to remain present for all of the physical sensations, emotional fluctuations and thought formations that bubble up through the layers of the body-mind during the practice.

Students are guided to refine their sensitivity and ability to listen to what is happening in their body. To use the breath to clear away the contractions and tightness they feel and the light of their awareness to peel back the layers of conditioning so that they can begin to experience with more clarity who they really are.

Claudia’s style is fluid, with attention to alignment and energy. The classes are designed to leave you feeling energized, calm and serene.

    Yoga Teacher

    Tracy's classes provide a balanced combination of asana and traditional yogic philosophy. Tracy is sincere and light hearted allowing her students plenty of space to develop their practice through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The classes provide a safe and nurturing space to explore a powerful blend of physical strength and flexibility while facilitating a true depth in wellbeing.

    Tracy’s classes are dialogue led - which enables her to guide, support and assist students when required. Her intention is always to deliver classes in a way which enables integration of these teachings into life beyond the studio.

    Tracy is experienced in teaching all levels and all ages from teens to seniors and celebrates her students reaching their fullest potential.

      Yoga Teacher

      Rachael's main focus as a teacher is on helping students find the best practice for them, guiding both beginners and experienced students to improve their strength, stability and flexibility, and developing spiritual skills in deep listening, self-acceptance and joyful living.
      With a background in circus, a great eye for detail, and lots of personal experience in meditation, Rachael brings a wonderful balance of focus and playfulness to each and every practice.

        Yoga Teacher

        Diane’s yoga background centres on exploring the synergies between the alignment of Iyengar Yoga, the energetic aspects of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and the healing power of the breath. Diane has a history of chronic pain which led her to study yoga and a range of movement and healing modalities (including Stretch Therapy), and she is now completing her last year of a physiotherapy degree. Diane’s classes are foundational, educational, and accessible to all bodies - a playful space to build strength, release tension, and journey inward to explore sensation and breath.

          Yoga Teacher

          Natalie brings her years of professional experience in women’s fitness to her yoga classes.

          Natalie’s Vinyasa Flow style incorporates mindful strength and restorative mobility to energise and uplift. She aims to create a relaxed and open energy in the room for students to be themselves. You’ll feel empowered & positive after her classes!

            Yoga Teacher

            Yana has been practicing yoga regularly for 10 years and started teaching in 2016. She practices and teaches a dynamic vinyasa style class and truly believes in the transformative power of a regular yoga practice on your body and mind.

              Yoga Teacher

              Students coming to Bruna's classes can expect a slow but strong Vinyasa flow practice, focusing on the connection of breath and movement and always inspired by a physical and philosophical theme/intention.

                Yoga Teacher

                Jill Shaw-Feather has been sharing her love of Yoga for over 15 years here in Brisbane and internationally. She is known for her Compassionate teaching style and calming presence.

                Her unique blend of Mindful Movement and the focus on Breath & Intention for practice keep her Classes a safe space to develop and deepen at your own pace. Heart-led Asana • Deep focus on the Breath • Surrendering into the Healing state of Yoga Nidra. All in one class ♥

                Jill’s classes are Open to ALL students. Offering different levels of challenge, as she gently guides students to move deeper into this Ancient and incredibly Healing practice..

                She is deeply Thankful for and to her Teachers whom she continues to Study with…

                Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

                  Yoga Teacher

                  Kimbali began practising yoga in 2008 and was introduced to Ashtanga yoga a few years later by her first teacher, Yumi Kaneko.

                  Kimbali’s practice and teaching involves a devotional enquiry into self, arrived at through attention to breath and dristhi while practising asana. Through practising this method, she experienced more space in the body and mind, building steadiness and strength within – and her hope is to share with others’ that the qualities of peace and grounding cultivated through practice can be carried into daily life.

                    Yoga Teacher

                    Nic's teaching is inspired by the principle that yoga is supposed to make you feel good. Her goal is to help students develop their own body awareness, establish a sustainable yoga practice and learn how to breathe more effectively.

                    nic has been teaching yoga since 2014 and loves combining her knowledge of anatomy and functional yoga with traditional practices of mindfulness, pranayama and asana.

                    She's completed over 1000 hours of Yoga teacher training including Power and Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga (300 hours) and is also a certified Roll Model® Method practitioner and Yoga Tune Up® Teacher.


                      Junction Yoga regularly hosts Yoga Workshops and Courses. Here are some upcoming events at the studio.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      The health and wellbeing of our students and teachers is our highest priority.  There are processes in place to support and protect the health of our yoga community.  Junction Yoga has a COVID-19 Safe Plan and our teachers have been trained in the cleaning and hygiene practices required to keep our community safe.

                      Please do your part by staying home if you are unwell.  Join class online.

                      BYO mat and props for studio classes.

                      You can book and pay for yoga classes, courses and memberships on the website via our online booking system.

                      Purchasing: Click on “Buy a Pass” on the home page to access our online payment system.  We offer casual single and multi pass options, and unlimited class memberships.

                      Reservations: Click on “Book a Class” on the home page to access our live class schedule. Select the class you wish to reserve a place in and add your details to secure your spot.  Booking in advance is recommended!

                      Yes, we currently have memberships that have a contracted term with weekly payments.

                      We are in the back of the “Sullivan’s Building” at the corner of Old Cleveland and Cavendish Roads.  Our address is Level 1, 164 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo.  The studio entry is via Cavendish Road.  Just down hill from Oishii Sushi, you will come across a driveway.  About 2 meters up the drive you will find a glass door which is the entry to Junction YOGA.  Doors open 15 minutes prior to class.  Follow the stairs to the top and you will come to our reception and waiting area.  Your teacher will be there to greet you!  Don’t be afraid to call us if you need directions – 0498 213 203.

                      Please bring your water bottle, yoga mat and props. 

                      There are mats and props available for hire at the studio if you don’t have one.  

                      Dress in comfortable clothes that allow you to move and stretch.  Fitted clothes allow the teacher to observe your posture and offer adjustments when necessary, but it is most important that you are comfortable.  The studio is air conditioned.  You may wish to wear layers that can be removed as you warm up and put back on for relaxation.  Yoga is practiced bare foot but you might like to wear socks during relaxation.

                      Classes run for 1 hour, except the Monday evening Yoga and Meditation class which is 1 hour 15 minutes.

                      Congratulations! You are about to embark on a journey that will change your life. Most of our classes are suitable for all levels however if you are completely new to yoga, it is best to start with our “Beginners Yoga Class” or “Beginners Course”.  Other classes suitable for beginners include “Slow Flow”, “Rise and Shine” and “Yoga / Meditation”  allowing you to learn the basics and alignment of each pose  at a slower pace before you progress into more challenging flows.   These are colour coded green on our class schedule.  You can expect your first few classes may be challenging as you begin to learn the poses, and find your breath. Remember to always work at your own pace and communicate with your teacher. It’s ok to take a break at any time that you need to, rest as long as necessary, then join the class again when you feel better.  Our teachers will ensure you are comfortable, relaxed and made to feel welcome.

                      We recommend you purchase your pass or membership and reserve a place in the class you want to attend online before arriving at the studio to ensure you have a spot!  If not possible, you can simply show up and we will help you out at the studio.  Our teachers will ensure you are comfortable, relaxed and made to feel welcome.

                      Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class to meet the teacher and get acquainted with the studio.  Studio doors open 15 minutes prior to class and are locked at the start of each class.  Bring some water, wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat if you have one (if not, we can provide a mat and other props).

                      No.  If you have a Junction YOGA membership you just need to pre-register for the course, there is no more to pay on top of your weekly membership cost.

                      Filter our class schedule by Online via ZOOM and book your class.

                      When you book an online class you will be emailed a Zoom link to join the class.

                      Zoom Instructions

                      If you have your own mat, then please do bring it along. Otherwise, you are welcome to borrow a mat whilst you are starting your practice and figuring out if you want to continue long-term. After you have practiced for a while, you might like to invest in your own mat which may also encourage you to practice at home! With regards to other props; straps, blocks, eye pillows, bolsters and blankets are provided in the studio. You are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

                      There are no facilities for storing personal yoga mats or equipment at the studio.

                      The studio is a “shoe free zone” and is to be clutter free to ensure a safe and comfortable environment.  Shoe storage is in the reception area just outside the studio door.  There is shelf space inside the studio for other personal belongings.  Please remember to turn off / silence your phone while in the reception area and before bringing it into the studio.

                      Yes.  The studio has toilets and a shower next to the reception area.  No need to “grab the key” and go outside – ahh, luxury!

                      Please ask your teacher any questions you might have and inform them of any changes to your health as it may still be possible to continue with your practice. They will offer modifications where necessary.

                      Please follow the advice of your health care provider as to whether yoga practice is appropriate for your condition.  Junction YOGA staff are not medically trained and cannot provide medical advice.  However, based on the advice from your medical provider, they may be able to offer modifications to your postures.

                      There is no dedicated studio parking.  Parking is available in surrounding streets and there are shopping centre car parks near by.  Street parking is restricted at various times during the day. Be sure to double check parking signs around the Junction as it varies quite a lot within a small area.

                      For example:

                      • Kitchener St, at the rear of the studio, may have parks available to suit the 6 am, evening and weekend classes.
                      • Old Cleveland Rd, outside Coorparoo State School, is no parking from 7 – 9 am, but generally there are spaces available outside these hours.

                      Also, Coorparoo Square (across Cavendish Road) has free 2 hour parking in their Aldi carpark.  Why not drop in to one of the local stores after class..!

                      There is fantastic public transport with major bus stops on both Cavendish and Old Cleveland Roads, just a few meters from the studio.

                      Coorparoo Train Station is a 10 minute walk from Junction Yoga.

                      Please arrive a minimum of five and a maximum of fifteen minutes before the class begins so you have time to set up and settle in your place.

                      Generally classes don’t overlap, however, please be mindful of keeping noise to a minimum in the reception area.

                      Use the bathroom before class to avoid disruptions later in the class – you can still use the loo if you need to though!

                      Leave shoes outside the studio and place other belongings on the shelves in the studio to keep the floor as clear as possible for comfort and safety.  Remember to switch off / silence your phone.

                      Keep your teacher informed of any concerns you have or changes to your health.

                      Please stay for final relaxation (savasana), as this is where much of the benefit comes.  However, if you need to leave class early, please do so before we start savasana.


                      Junction Yoga is a small and welcoming yoga studio that caters for all levels of yoga practice.  If you’ve not done yoga before Junction Yoga offers a range of slower paced classes to suit beginners.  If you’re looking to extend your practice and be challenged, our teachers have the experience to work with you to meet your practice needs. 

                      We offer a beautiful, supportive environment, so that without distraction you can focus on enhancing your physical and mental health.  Regular yoga practice provides so many benefits – increasing flexibility, strength and balance and allowing you to develop a sense of calm and control.  Junction Yoga provides a variety of class types to suit individual needs; the flowing Vinyasa style, deeper stretches in Yin classes, strong Ashtanga Foundations and also a Meditation specific class.  Additionally, we offer beginner specific classes and courses, so those new to yoga can learn in comfort and with close supervision. 

                      Our studio is in an original 1960’s Coorparoo building given a new purpose in life.  Please BYO yoga mat and props to class. We also have some available for sale or hire. In response to the COVID-19 government shutdown in 2020, we began to offer our yoga classes online. You can connect with your yoga teachers and fellow yoga students livestream via Zoom. Book in via the class schedule and you will be emailed a link to join the class. After class you will be emailed a link to a class recording so you can replay the class. The benefits of our online yoga classes are that you can practice online in the comfort of you own home any time you like and still connect with the Junction Yoga community!

                      JY Connect is another way to connect with your yoga community. JY Connect is a private Facebook group where you can share information and ideas, ask questions, make requests and stay in touch with your teachers and fellow students.

                      Our background story if you would like to know a little more:

                      Junction Yoga is a small family business with a passion and commitment for doing good in the local area.  We are the third generation of the Sullivan Family to put our energy and effort into the Coorparoo Junction via Sullivan’s Building.

                      With a vision for the local community, James (J. A.) Sullivan, our grandfather, built the Sullivan’s Building in 1952.  J.A. sought to do good in and for the community and became well respected in this regard.  J.A. had instilled the same values in his children, and our father, John Sullivan, followed closely in his footsteps.

                      Dad had an incredible determination and was known for his exacting standards and generosity to the local community.  He was charitable in the support he offered to organisations that did good in the world also to the local businesses at Coorparoo Junction.

                      Dad and Mum married in 1959, and then we came along.  James, Katrina and Claire are three of seven siblings.  Growing up in the local area, the Coorparoo Junction and Sullivan’s Building have always been a part of our lives.  While we all have had our own adventures, lived and worked away, family and community has always remained central to our lives.  In 2008 we came together in business and strive to continue the Sullivan family involvement in the local community.

                      We are generally all-round good sorts.  Our goal really is to create the best environment and instruction for you to get what you need out of your yoga practice.  Contact us if you have suggestions, feedback or just want to know a little more about what Junction Yoga could offer you.


                      James, Katrina and Claire

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                      Please get in touch if you would like any further information about our new yoga studio located at Coorparoo in Brisbane’s south close by to Camp Hill, Norman Park, Stones Corner, Kangaroo Point, Woolloongabba, Greenslopes, Holland Park, Seven Hills, Morningside, East Brisbane.