Our Beginners Yoga Workshops and Courses are the best way to get started or recommence your yoga journey.

The Introduction to Yoga workshop is the best place to start if you are wanting to try yoga. The workshop will run on 2 dates in January.

The 4 week Beginners 2 Yoga Course will commence of 14th February. The level 2 Beginners Yoga Course is suitable for those who have completed the Introduction to Yoga Workshop as well as students who have been attending classes for a while.

The workshops and courses are held at our studio location on Brisbane’s Southside – Level 1/164 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo. See below for more information and bookings.

Do you want to try yoga? 
This 90 minute workshop with Tracy Jemmott will explore the foundations of the yoga practice and explain common postures and terminology.  This workshop is designed to allow you to be able to participate in any yoga class with an understanding of the practice.

Topics covered will include:

  • Introduction to the practice of Yoga
  • Breathing techniques
  • Foundational yoga postures
  • Alignment and modifications
  • The key components of a yoga class
  • What is Vinyasa?
  • What is Yin Yoga?
  • What is Ashtanga?
  • What is Meditation?
  • Intro to Yogic Philosophy

The Introduction to Yoga Workshop will be run on 2 dates in January: Sunday 24th & Sunday 31st January from 9:30am to 11:00am

Beginners #2 Yoga Course starts 14th February 2021

In February 2021 Junction Yoga will offer a four week course to deepen and consolidate your yoga practice.

How to Breathe! We will consider how we breathe and explore different breathing techniques and the benefits they bring. It is not often that we really think about or observe how we breathe.  Perhaps we’ve received advice when we’re stressed or panicked along the lines of “take a deep breath”?  There is a lot to explore within this statement alone, and regulating our breathing is an extremely balancing, soothing and calming practice.

How to Sit, How to Stand and How to move mindfully – It sounds basic, and it is, however many of us have developed patterns of movement which create tension and restriction in movement.  Synchronising the breath with physical movement brings a whole lot more freedom and space to the body and mind.  This is where we begin our deep understanding of the practice of Yoga

Over the course of the four weeks we will explore the groups of postures in yoga – standing, seated, twists, core, backbends, restorative postures and inversions and explain how these work together within the practice to create a feeling of holistic health and depth of wellbeing.  We will learn about sun salutations and why they are an important component of the yoga class.  We will explore the poses individually with plenty of time for demonstration and exploration of how each pose feels in your body.  We will also learn about modifications for postures and what feels “right” for you.

We will learn commonly used terminology of yoga to bring a deeper understanding of your teacher’s class dialogue.  We will work with the concepts of centering and grounding, and investigate what these terms mean and what they “feel like” and how we can carefully move towards these sensations.

We will introduce some Yogic philosophy, bringing an understanding of where the teachings of yoga come from, and why they are just as important as the physical yoga postures.  We will also explore some easy meditation styles.

Each module is one hour long with supporting resources and ideas for deepening each week’s teachings at home (homework).
I look forward to meeting you and I’m more than happy to answer any questions for you prior to commencement of the course.