Our Brisbane yoga studio offers a variety of yoga classes suited for students looking to improve mobility and flexibility, increase strength and develop a stronger mind-body connection. Immerse yourself in a simple Gentle Yoga class, stretch and relax with Yin or find strength with flowing Vinyasa in our Slow Flow and Vinyasa Yoga classes.

Vinyasa Yoga

Flowing. Dynamic. Energising.

Vinyas Yoga classes are dynamic, energetic Vinyasa classes with a strong emphasis on following the breath as we flow from one pose to the next. These are dialogue led classes with vitalising and energising standing postures. 

The classes are sequenced to smoothly transition from pose to pose, with the intention of linking breath to movement. Linking physical movement with breath allows us to be really “present” with what is happening on the mat. 

Continued focus for an entire hour reveals a clear and open mind. These classes involve a lot of dynamic movement and the emphasis remains on steadiness. We move from, and return to a place of balance.

Vinyasa will help you to build your strength, flexibility and balance in both your body and mind.

Slow Flow

Mindful. Strengthening. Grounding.

A slow Vinyasa Flow class to increase flexibility and strength of body and mind.

The class involves smooth sequences and transitions connecting the postures of the Vinyasa flow. This dynamic practice develops flexibility, strength and endurance in body and mind. The practice can be modified to suit all levels of experience and capability. Slow Flow classes are taught by our senior yoga teachers who have the experience to help you find modifications that work for your body.

Slow Flow provides an opportunity to slow down the Vinyasa sequence to focus on alignment and moving with the breath.

All levels welcome from beginners to the most experienced yogis.

Gentle Yoga

Balancing. Supportive. Simple.

Take a little time to come home to yourself and encourage your energy to flow.

A Gentle Yoga class will combine exercises in breathing, meditation and loving kindness with gentle movements to mobilise our joints. We also explore some standing balance challenges, always with options so you can suit yourself. As we move we will practice finding pleasure in moving our bodies, and in being present in the moment.
Let’s play together to encourage body-mind-spirit connection, self acceptance, and joy at being alive!

Gentle Yoga is a wonderful way to relax and re-energise. The class has a focus on maintaining and improving mobility and balance. The Gentle Yoga classes are great option for all Yoga students including beginners, older students and those with injuries.

Yin Yoga

Nurturing. Opening. Relaxing.

The practice of Yin Yoga involves holding a pose and softening with the breathe. Yin classes are designed to stretch the body and provide a balance to the more dynamic yoga practices.

A Yin Yoga class involves mostly passive floor poses. Yoga props such as bolsters and blocks can be used to ease into these poses. The poses that are then held for several minutes. During this time support and guidance is offered on how to best “sit with” and explore the physical and emotional sensations.

Yin yoga increases flexibility through stretching the fascia, ligaments and tendons, and softening the mind with slow mindful breath. Fascia is the connective tissue in our bodies that surrounds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle. Each Yin posture has a “target area” where stress and tension may be held in the body. The deep stretches in a Yin class allow the body to release tension as the muscles soften improving flexibility. 

The practice of Yin Yoga is powerfully therapeutic and ideal for athletes and highly active people such as swimmers, runners, cyclists and regular yoga students. Yin Yoga is suitable for beginners.

Yin Yoga helps to open the body, relieve stress and calm the mind.


Toning. Strengthening. Uplifting.

In a mat Pilates class you will hold postures like planks and repeat core exercises to build your muscles and core strength.

Mat Pilates classes will complement your yoga practice by boosting your core strength. You will notice the difference after just a few classes and feel more confident in your yoga postures.

New to Yoga?

Yin, Gentle Yoga and Slow Flow are recommended yoga classes for beginners. Junction Yoga also offers Introduction to Yoga Workshops and 6 Week Beginners Yoga Courses. Learn more about Yoga for Beginners.