Our experienced yoga teachers are passionate about yoga and committed to helping you explore and develop your yoga practice.

Claudia Piazza

Claudia’s classes are designed to help people be in their bodies and to develop the awareness and ability to remain present for all of the physical sensations, emotional fluctuations and thought formations that bubble up through the layers of the body-mind during the practice.

Students are guided to refine their sensitivity and ability to listen to what is happening in their body. To use the breath to clear away the contractions and tightness they feel and the light of their awareness to peel back the layers of conditioning so that they can begin to experience with more clarity who they really are.

Claudia’s style is fluid, with attention to alignment and energy. The classes are designed to leave you feeling energised, calm and serene.

Tracy Jemmott

Tracy’s classes provide a balanced combination of asana and traditional yogic philosophy. Tracy is sincere and light hearted allowing her students plenty of space to develop their practice through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The classes provide a safe and nurturing space to explore a powerful blend of physical strength and flexibility while facilitating a true depth in wellbeing. 

Tracy’s classes are dialogue led – which enables her to guide, support and assist students when required. Her intention is always to deliver classes in a way which enables integration of these teachings into life beyond the studio.

Tracy is experienced in teaching all levels and all ages from teens to seniors and celebrates her students reaching their fullest potential.

Nic Matthews

Nic’s teaching is inspired by the principle that yoga is supposed to make you feel good. Her goal is to help students develop their own body awareness, establish a sustainable yoga practice and learn how to breathe more effectively. 

Nic has been teaching yoga since 2014 and loves combining her knowledge of anatomy and functional yoga with traditional practices of mindfulness, pranayama and asana.

She’s completed over 1000 hours of Yoga teacher training including Power and Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga (300 hours) and is also a certified Roll Model® Method practitioner and Yoga Tune Up® Teacher.

Rachael Gibson

Rachael’s main focus as a yoga teacher is on helping students find the best practice for them, guiding both beginners and experienced students to improve their strength, stability and flexibility, and developing spiritual skills in deep listening, self-acceptance and joyful living.
With a background in circus, a great eye for detail, and lots of personal experience in meditation, Rachael brings a wonderful balance of focus and playfulness to each and every practice.

Adam Reinhard

Adam has a background in Not For Profit Management and supporting vulnerable communities. He has always been drawn to physical pursuits with a mind-body connection aspect.

He found yoga in 2015 and was immediately drawn to it. Adam greatly enjoys breath and movement based practices that help still the active mind.

Yana Ochoteco

Yana has been practicing yoga regularly for 10 years and started teaching in 2016. She practices and teaches a dynamic vinyasa style class and truly believes in the transformative power of a regular yoga practice on your body and mind.

Diane Cousineau

Diane’s yoga background centres on exploring the synergies between the alignment of Iyengar Yoga, the energetic aspects of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and the healing power of the breath. Diane has a history of chronic pain which led her to study yoga and a range of movement and healing modalities (including Stretch Therapy), and she is now completing her final year of a physiotherapy degree. Diane’s yoga classes are foundational, educational, and accessible to all bodies – a playful space to build strength, release tension, and journey inward to explore sensation and breath.

Bruna Carolino

Students coming to Bruna’s classes can expect a slow but strong Vinyasa flow practice, focusing on the connection of breath and movement and always inspired by a physical and philosophical theme/intention.

Natalie Killips

Natalie’s Vinyasa Flow style incorporates mindful strength and restorative mobility to energise and uplift. She aims to create a relaxed and open energy in the room for students to be themselves. You’ll feel empowered & positive after her classes!

Jill Shaw-Feather

Jill Shaw-Feather has been sharing her love of Yoga for over 15 years here in Brisbane and internationally. She is known for her compassionate teaching style and calming presence.

Her unique blend of Mindful Movement and the focus on Breath & Intention for practice keep her classes a safe space to develop and deepen at your own pace.

Heart-led Asana • Deep focus on the Breath • Surrendering into the Healing state of Yoga Nidra. All in one class ♥

Jill’s classes are open to all students. Offering different levels of challenge, as she gently guides students to move deeper into this ancient and incredibly healing practice. 

She is deeply thankful for and to her yoga teachers with whom she continues to Study. 

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Kimbali Howard

Kimbali began practising yoga in 2008 and was introduced to Ashtanga yoga a few years later by her first yoga teacher, Yumi Kaneko.

Kimbali’s practice and yoga teaching involves a devotional enquiry into self, arrived at through attention to breath and dristhi while practising asana. Through practising this method, she experienced more space in the body and mind, building steadiness and strength within – and her hope is to share with others’ that the qualities of peace and grounding cultivated through practice can be carried into daily life.